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Blog Migration

The machine that ran this blog gave up the ghost. It was a “mini tower” sitting under a desk, and the boot disk failed. I don’t really need the machine any more, and I was too busy working to get mysql-js out the door to spend any time rebuilding it, so the site disappeared off the internet for a while.

This week we officially released MySQL Cluster 7.3, and I decided to revive my blog. Which brought up some decisions: keep it on the MySQL + Apache + PHP + Serendipity stack that it was running on? Keep hosting it from my house? Move it to a cloud provider? (Which one?) Just use Tumblr?

So, I migrated off of the old platform. I’m writing this post in Markdown and then using Octopress to build the web pages. For now, the blog is still being served from my own hardware — a low-powered Soekris machine with only flash for storage.

Moving from a dynamic content system like Wordpress or S9Y to a static one means giving up pings and trackbacks. That’s not a big deal. But it also means outsourcing your comments, and I haven’t settled on how to do that yet.